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"Pick up a stone, assess it, place it within the structure and let it go..."

"There is just something magic about a well built stone creation that just says...honesty...nothing to hide...straight from within and there for all to see."

Welcome to my world of stone! Having achieved my trade qualifications as an apprentice over 37 years ago, I gained confidence, competence and experience as a builder with every brick and block laid...but stone was where my passion lay. My work includes restoration work to churches, barn conversions, as well as family homes creating fireplaces, paving, feature stone paneling and dry stone walling.

As a stonemason and licensed building practitioner in Nelson I have also uncovered the natural artist and sculptor turning my hand to Oamaru limestone carving commissioned sculptures here in New Zealand. I am a traditional sort of guy and need to have traditional work on the menu. To create a structure or a piece of work with eight fingers and two thumbs is for me as good as it gets.

Natural stone adds beauty and is honest evidence of craftsmanship and I embrace the opportunity to work with customers to create quality work that flows in both idea and execution. Perhaps you’re looking for something unique that stands the test of time crafted from Oamaru stone as a gift or commemorative piece? Or maybe you have an idea for something more substantial created from stone as a feature in your home or business? If so then please get in touch, I’d be delighted to help make your vision a reality.


Whether you are looking for an interior fireplace to create a focal point in a lounge or an outdoor fireplace to add warmth to a patio area in the winter, A natural stone fireplace can look beautiful in any home.

Stone Sculpting

Simon considers himself an artist of stone. Whether it be for a celebration, a token of appreciation or perhaps a symbol of remembrance quality and realism is Simon's aim when sculpting.

Ornamental Stone Work

From design through to construction, Simon can create unique structures with Imagination being the key when is comes to ornamental stonework.

Garden Walling

Both mortared walls and the traditional dry stone wall can be a visual asset and add a practical aspect to a garden. Garden walls can be used to create different levels that divide a garden into usable spaces as well as adding an attractive backdrop to areas of interest

Restoration Work

Simon repairs and restores damaged stonework, accurately replacing and replicating  materials and techniques as much as possible, ideally performed in a  manner where they will not compromise the historic character of the structure’s appearance.

Structural Stone Work

Stone facing is an external leaf of stone that is used to ‘face’ the outside of a building, stone depth can vary but 150 mm is around average. Regional styles also vary, as well as stone type and finish.